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Feen Marine designs Inert and Exhaust Gas handling systems to meet the  evolving environmental, technical and regulatory needs of  the maritime industry.


commissioning, service & maintenance

Feen Marine harnesses 20 years of experience in manufacturing, servicing and commissioning Inert  and Exhaust Gas handling systems.

The knowledge acquired through working with gas systems started in 1997 with IG systems and  IGG scrubbers. Our expertise in Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems has evolved out of this knowledge as  we constantly developed products that meet the evolving needs of the customer and regulatory  environment.


ecgs & igs spare-parts

Feen Marine supplies ECGS & IGS spare-parts for both standard parts or fabrication parts.

Our stocks are located in Batam, Indonesia wearhouse.


man powers

Feen Marine has a strong engineering team with service and maintenance experiences. Man power are ready to allocate to any country 

Due to Pandemic Covid19, Service attendance & travel possibility are limited & restricted
However, Feen Marine is providing remote assistance as well
Contact for further arrangement 


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