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Feen Marine harnesses 20 years of experience in manufacturing, servicing and commissioning Inert  and Exhaust Gas handling systems.

The knowledge acquired through working with gas systems started in 1997 with IG systems and  IGG scrubbers. Our expertise in Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems has evolved out of this knowledge as  we constantly developed products that meet the evolving needs of the customer and regulatory  environment.

We are recognized as the ‘go-to’ competence in Inert and Exhaust Gas Systems.



Long Term

Our long experience is matched only by our far-sighted approach to constantly in-  novating and developing gas systems to meet the environmental, regulatory and  operating needs of the future



We aim to produce products that are flexible to meet various requirements of ship  types, achieved through simplicity in design, use of the naturally available re-  sources, and possessing a clear understanding of the needs of onboard working  practices


In House

We manage our company and produce our products at a single site facility, connecting  ownership, management and production in one location.



Long established track record bringing together our experience in exhaust gas handling  with strong customer loyalty and confidence in our established brand.


Today Feen Marine operates out of our state of the art facilities in Batam, Indonesia showcasing an integrated complex that brings together a complete range of expertise, capability and technology to design and reliably manufacture our Inert and Exhaust Gas Systems.

Our large-scale manufacturing facility is built and sized to deliver large-scale manufacturing of all of  our products, supported by a dedicated workforce of more than 50 staff across management, design,  procurement manufacturing, and service teams.

Batam’s accessibility, world-class logistics network and its geographical proximity to our customer  markets

ensures ‘just in time’ delivery of our products and responsive service fulfillment.

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