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EGCS (often referred to as Scrubbers) are able to remove Sulphur oxides from ship engines and boiler exhaust gasses.
The SO2 reduction efficiency of our scrubbers corresponds to a reduction in fuel Sulphur content from 3.50% to 0.1% - exceeding the required level of compliance with the global cap of 0.5%.


A new design of EGC System with unique benefits such as:

  • Substantially smaller footprint (reduced up to 60% of  conventional scrubbers).

  • Up to 80 % lighter installation in weight, no modification of funnel.

  • Up   to   70%   saving   in   installation   time   if   properly

  • planned.

  • Highly reduced commissioning time (control system  and gas analyzers are integrated in the scrubber and  tested at production site).

  • Significant cost reduction for engineering.

  • Transportation in standardized dimension, no special  transport required, hence dramatically lower cost and  easy transportation methods.


Our Exhaust Gas  Cleaning Systems  deliver  an optimal solution  for  reducing  the Sulphur content  of ship   emissions. Feen Marine Exhaust Gas Cleaning technology is an economical reliable and environmentally friendly solution to meet all the existing and future SOx emission regulations. More than 70 systems delivered and 30 in  operation.

Our EGC System utilizes open loop wet scrubber technology with exhaust by-pass functionality. The overall system  has  been designed to minimize:

  • Power consumption

  • Pressure drop

  • General maintenance requirements

The scrubber unit is designed with as few internal parts as possible required to meet emission level limits to air and  sea. The ECGS is delivered with a PLC based control system which manage all functionality as well as providing appropriate data logging and  storage requirements.

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