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Feen Marine is a Manufacturer of Inert Gas systems & Exhaust Gas Cleaning System for the marine & offshore Industry. We offer in-house designed inert gas systems & Exhaust Gas Cleaning System as well as providing parts and service for sailing ships.

Our design has incorporated more than 20 years experience in manufacturing, commissioning and servicing of inert gas systems. We understand the importance of absolute reliability and access to spares and service when required. We aim for lasting success, both for you and for ourselves, therefore, we have a helpful dialogue with our customer so we can continuously work with product development and implementation. Located in Singapore, Batam Indonesia & Norway. We have supporting distributors / Agent in China, Japan & South Korea as well.


We started as an Inert Gas and Nitrogen Manufacturing and Design company, it has since the start successfully delivered more than 200 systems to shipyards in Korea, China, Poland, Indonesia, Turkey, Philippines  & Japan. 

Feen Marine since beginning has produced around 100 scrubber systems for Feen Marine Scrubbers Inc., and around 104 scrubber systems under our own brand Feen Marine up till February 2021.

Our reference list consists of 104 units (16 VLCCs, 78 bulk carriers, 1 Chemical tanker, 2 container ships and 7 Container reefers)


 Why choose us? 

Feen Marine provides the practical solutions to meet the emissions challenges of the future


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Our Exhaust Gas Cleaning System and Inert Gas System deliver an optimal solution for reducing the sulphur content of the ship emissions.

Quality of Material

High quality of material source from leading European and US Suppliers (SMO-254)

Allstream Design

Single scrubber for all exhaust from main engine, auxiliary engines and boilers.

Quality of System

Production in accordance with ISO standards


Norwegian's design team and supported by in-house developed production team


No "moving-parts" or critical process parameter to control

Flexible Design

EGCS & IGS units are tailored to all vessel sizes that is suitable for new building or retrofits


Operation aligned to reducing complexity and crew intervention


Flexibility to achieve 0.5% or 0.1% sulphur elimination during operation


Exhaust Gas Cleaning System
Exhaust Gas Cleaning System
Inert Gas Generator
Inert Gas System
Flue Gas System
Inert Gas System
Flue Gas System
Nitrogen Generator PSA
Inert Gas System
Nitrogen Generator Membrane
Inert Gas System
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For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: +62 778 4888898 or fill out the following form


Feen Marine Inc

100G Pasir Panjang Road,

Interlocal Centre, #04-17 

Singapore, 118523

Tel: +6569093309

PT Feen Marine 

Menara Aria Office Tower

11th Floor

Harbourbay Batu Ampar

Batam, Indonesia

Tel: +627784888898

Feen Marine AS

Dronning Eufemias Gate 16

0191, Oslo - Norway

Jan Fredrik Gulbransen

(ECGS Sales Director)

Tel: +4748267524


Manufacturing Plant 

Sekupang Industrial Area,

Kampung baru RT 003/ RW 003.

Kelurahan Tanjung Riau, Sekupang

Riau Island, 

Batam, Indonesia 


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